Everyone wants to have a green roofing system, save money, but they think that it is a very expensive investment. But, you should know that the roof with the improving energy efficiency is not very expensive. Small improvements can make a big difference, and not only for your energy bills.


Cool roofing systems are lighter in color than the traditional ones. Traditional materials are dark, like black asphalt or wood shingles. The well-known albedo effect works by reflecting the heat and the light away and do not absorb them. With this kind of a roofing system, you can save a significant amount of money on the energy bills. You just need to lighten the color of your roofing system.


The outside temperature may be over 95 degrees, which is very hot, and the dark roof conducts a much higher temperature. Due to this, some of the rooms appear to be very hot and you have to use the air conditioner to cool down the temperature, which increases the amount of the energy bills which you need to pay.


The cool roofing system can be 50 to 60 degrees cooler than the traditional ones. This type of roof reduces the cooling load inside your home and reduces the utility cost and saves energy. A white roofing system reduces the heat effect which has the traditional, black roofing system.


The easiest thing to do is to dress your roof with a cool roof coating. This way you don’t have to buy and install a new roofing system. But, if you re-roofing, you can replace shingles or asphalt with the lighter color versions. Many products are rated due to their reflectiveness, so if you want to choose the best product, remember that the higher the number is, it is more reflective, and your roofing system will be cooler the higher the number is.


Insulation is one of the most important things when talking about saving energy in our homes. The attic is mostly the first priority. Installing a proper insulation in the attic can bring only benefits. Choosing the best insulation isn’t a very easy job, so the best would be to contact a professional who will advise you according to your roofing system. Proper installation is a must because then the great materials would be wasted.


Roofs can be very problematic. Especially the heating and the cooling. Poorly insulation requires more work from the air conditioner, in the summer, and also in the winter. And all this leads to bigger bills. Well, insulated roofing system will reduce the cooling and heating problems and needs.



Doesn’t matter if you are re-roofing or replacing the system, but it is the right time to make great things. The only problems are to choose wisely the proper material. Today, on the market you can find many materials, and you don’t know are they good or not. Everyone wants to choose a roof that lasts for a long time and improves the efficiency and comfort of your home. So, contacting a professional would help you in choosing the proper material based on the area you live, and its weather conditions. Choosing the proper material will result in 30% of lower energy bills. Every decent roofer should know to advise you, what is good for your roofing system, and what to avoid. The weather is one of the most important factors.

I want to thank Vince one the best roofing contractros from Oklahoma City for giving us some insight about this topic and how to save some money. Most of us after college will have huge student loans to pay, so any dollar we save will be put in good use.

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Six principle things you have to think about metal roofing

Since we have as of now discussed how metal roofing systems are becoming popular in the United States among the property holders with regards to private roofing arrangements, now we will talk about some key elements you should search for when picking metal roofing system for your home. Diverse metal roofing systems are putting forth distinctive elements, and you should advise yourself so you can choose metal rooftop that is most appropriate for your necessities and requirements of your home.


Coatings you should search for when purchasing a metal rooftop are Hylar 5000 or Kynar 500. These coatings are accessible in multi-tinted shades and different hues. They will likewise give you an incredible blend of blur resistance and strength. Most property holders settle on metal roofing system since it is impervious to moss, green growth, greenery and recoloring compared with shingles with the granulated surface.


You presumably don’t consider this regularly however amid high winds and tempests when all is said in done, flotsam and jetsam winds up on your rooftop, and it heaps up. Things like branches, leaves, seed pods, pine needles, snow, and ice wind up on your rooftop, and they for the most part go down to valleys and heap up there. The thing with metal roofing systems is that some of them have shut, and secured valleys with openings just so water can break through to the canal and downspout. Be that as it may, these „secret” conduits can get obstructed after some time with the flotsam and jetsam, and it can prompt difficult issues like breaks. „Self-cleaning” valleys are intended to guide and convey water alongside the trash, and they can’t stop up.

Premium, certified products

In the event that you are searching for a decent program which perceives manufacturer and items that meet standards of crude procedures and materials, look no further. The Metal Construction Association (MCA) can offer you Quality Certification Program (QCP) that can answer every one of your inquiries regarding materials. On the off chance that you are purchasing new rooftop, we urge you to select producers that are a engaged in the MCA program.


Each roofing system has a zone which calls for exceptional consideration and upkeep. You can’t depend exclusively on sealants in those disturbing zones like it is typically with more conventional and transitory roofing products. On the off chance that your home and rooftop has skylight, dead valleys, flared peaks, fireplaces or something similar, make sure that your contractor explains to you how those things will be dealt with when introducing a metal roofing system.


Make sure that it is clear what warranties you will get and who will offer them to you. Your guarantees should cover the product, installing workmanship, and respectability of the materials that made the product.


Most homes are profiting from storage room ventilation. Appropriate ventilation in blend with attic protection will keep you home cool amid the late spring and warm all through the winter. This will bring down your vitality costs and take out danger of rooftop repair. Great ventilation will likewise keep your home safe from mold and dry decay. On the off chance that you are wanting to install a new roofing system on your home, amid the establishment would be the best time to address anything concerning the attic ventilation.


In this way, that would be it. Metal is an extraordinary material; it is dependable, tough and it can mirror other roofing items.

Extend the life of your roofing system

On the off chance that you look after something and care about it, it typically keeps lasting longer. You most likely realize that in the event that you have ever been enamored with somebody. The more you give, the more you get. That goes for such a variety of things in life, your auto’s motor will run smoother in the event that you routinely change oil, on the off chance that you keep your floor coverings clean they will oppose wear. Same goes for your roofing system. On the off chance that you keep it clean, repaired and kept up, your rooftop will outlast its expected lifetime. There are little tips and moves you can make to keep your roofing system looking great and useful for quite a while.


Trim the branches

On the off chance that you have branches that are hanging over your rooftop, you should trim them on the grounds that in case of high winds they can be impelled at high speeds directly into your rooftop’s surface. You can minimize the threat by trimming or chopping down the branches. In the event that the tree is excessively tall, it is ideal, hiring a professional with adequate tools to deal with that for you since climbing too high can be dangerous for individuals with no experience. Perfect separation for branches and your rooftop would be 10 feet from each other. This will likewise shield you from having uninvited visitors at your attic or your roofing system. That implies that squirrels and different creatures and rodents won’t have the strength to jump on your rooftop.


Clean your canals

Downpour and the wind can leave a wide range of trash inside your canals and downspouts. This can rapidly bring about issues in light of the fact that stopped up drains create different harm. Your dividers can get harmed; your roofing support structure can get pulverized alongside your roofing material. You should routinely clear your canals, particularly amid the autumn time and spring.


Dispose of the greenery

Greenery will develop if your roof absorbs moisture. Mold and greenery flourish in that sort of environment. A few people like that fluffy green look moss can provide for the rooftop, yet you should keep it off your roofing system. Consider greenery a sponge since it practically acts like one. It contains and traps water. All that water will at some point or another infiltrate your rooftop and wind up in your storage room. On the off chance that moss has just influenced little zones of your rooftop, you can evacuate it rapidly with an assistance of a floor brush. On the off chance that there are expansive parts secured with greenery, it should be killed. Stay away from harmful fluids and sprays. You can utilize cleanser which depends on potassium salts. You should apply the blend straightforwardly on top of the greenery.

Keep it that way

Since you have cleaned your roofing system you should keep it clean. When you see some natural things lying on top of your roofing system move them fast as possible since they might decompose. You can clean or sweep your roofing system twice per year to keep greenery from developing.

Step by step instructions to Choose the Best Roof Color for Your Home

Picking a rooftop color for your home may appear like a little matter. Hold up until every one of the colors and their shades, and additionally shading mixes, are brought. This choice turns out to be so befuddling. It is essential to settle on a shrewd decision since you will live under your rooftop for a very long while or years. How do you pick the best shading for your rooftop?

  1. Dim and light colors

The studies have demonstrated that plywood sheathing under dark shingles will be 10 degrees hotter when contrasted with a white shingled rooftop on a sunny day. There was very little contrast between different shades, particularly grays, and tans.

  1. Picking shingle color

Compare shingle colors and the shade of your brick. Pick a shading that matches with the blocks. Keep in mind that, you can paint the shingles, however the blocks are changeless.

  1. Contrast the roofing material and other outside colors

You have to compare the shade of your outside with your new rooftop color. The most ideal approach to do this is by painting the shading that you need to decide for your rooftop on a 2 x 6 board. Place it by the roofing materials.

  1. Go for correlative colors

On the off chance that you pick a tone that just about matches the block or siding, you wind up with a monotone look. This makes your rooftop inert. You can utilize correlative combinations.

  1. Go for a straightforward shingle color

This will apply if whatever is left of your house is occupied (there are multicolor bricks, different paint colors, and stone exteriors) going for a basic shingle shading will benefit you. You would prefer not to overpower your eyes (and those of your guests) with an excessive number of examples. The inverse is valid, if your house is monotone, go for a clear shading to liven it up.

  1. Take a look at shingles in various types of light

Look at your new roof color and samples under sun and as well under the shade. That way you will get the big picture.

  1. Consider your home’s resale possibility

You may pick to go for a strong, bright shade. All things considered, not everybody will like your taste. Infrequently, it is ideal to go for a neutral combination, particularly on the off chance that you plan on offering your home to the market. A potential purchaser may choose to look somewhere else, as a result of the rooftop shading. Green shingles are very popular. In event that potential buyers don’t like, do something bold and add bright new color to your roof, take a risk. Add life and appeal to your home.

With everything taken into account

The rooftop shading that you pick is to a great extent a matter of individual inclination. The above components will help you settle on an educated choice, however, particularly in the event that you anticipate re-offering your home.

Things you should know about metal roofing material before you install it on your property

If you plan on changing your roofing material with a new one, maybe you should consider metal as your next roofing solution. Every day more and more people opt for metal roofing systems in the United States. You might be asking yourself why is metal roofing system getting so popular? Well, it is getting more and more popular because it is sturdy, resilient and it can last for up to a century. So today I will talk about drawbacks and advantages of metal roofing with my friend Victor from Anchor Roofing from Houston, TX.

So what are the benefits?

Metal roofing material is far more superior than other traditional roofing materials when it comes to life cycle, weight, energy efficiency, and installation. If your metal roofing system is correctly installed, it will probably last as long as the property it protects. It can quickly shed off the water, resist the high winds, and it can stand up to snow with minimal effort. Metal is resistant to rot, insects, mildew and fire. If you are worried about the warranty, you will be glad to hear that your metal roof will come with a warranty ranging anywhere from 25 to 50 years. Because it is so light in weight, you will be able to install it on your existing roofing support structure. Metal roofing material is non-combustible, and that is why it is given the Class A fire resistance rating. As we have already said, metal roofs are excellent energy efficient roofing materials. If you decide to install one on your home, you will soon experience lower energy bills. Because of its hard and slippery surface, metal roof won’t fall victim to snow or rain.

And now for some disadvantages

Just like any other roofing material available on the market today, metal has its flaws. Don’t worry; there aren’t any huge flaws, but we will talk about some of the present disadvantages when it comes to metal in residential roofing. Let’s get the biggest out of the way – the money. Most of the homeowners stop considering metal as their roofing solution once they find out what the price tag is. We admit that it is the high initial price, but you have to think about the big picture here. You will return that money in no time since you will be saving money on your energy bills. During the hail, your roofing material can dent. Same can happen if you walk on it or if any debris hits your roof and it can be somewhat noisy. It is not that easy to install which means that you will have to hire a roofing professional with experience in installing metal roofs.

So that would be it about the advantages and disadvantages of metal roofing. As you can see, there are more advantages than disadvantages which mean that metal roofing material might be perfect roofing material for your property. And make sure that you hire best roofing contractor available.


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Wind damage to your roofing system

A storm can pass without generating hail, snow or rain and it can still damage your property. Your roof can sustain damage even during a bright day. I’m talking about silent ”assassin”, the wind. High winds can generate massive amounts of force and pressure on when colliding with your roof and your roofing system can become weak over time. One day your roofing material will just give up and end up on the ground. How can you protect yourself from that? Well, you can protect yourself by regularly maintaining your roof and by having it inspected by a certified professional to see if there are some damaged areas on your roofing system. Roofs are designed to easily withstand average pressure and force of the wind, but what happens when your roof gets in the way of an intense, high-speed wind?

How will your roof get damaged

The Wind affects a different part of your roof in a variety of ways. For example, corners of your roofing system and edges as well will have to sustain the biggest force. Those areas are most critical during a windstorm. If your roofing material is not secured tightly, wind can lift it up, and it can lead to the domino effect. One loose shingle can cost you your whole roofing system. You can avoid this by having small repairs performed on your roof instead of waiting for the worst case scenario to happen. If the wind lifts up your roofing material, your insulation will be exposed to rain, snow, and everything coming from outside. This can lead to leaks and severe water damage to your roofing support structure and even your whole property.


Strong winds can easily pick up small debris from the ground, and it can end up being propelled at your roof at high speeds. Your roof can get covered with dust particles, dirt, leaves, branches, tree limbs, and even small rocks. Now imagine all those things hitting your roof at high speed. All of that can lead to problems. Your roofing material could easily get cracked or broken. If you leave that damage untreated up on your roof, you will have a leak on your hands after a couple of rains. Water can easily penetrate those damaged spots, and it can end up anywhere in your home destroying everything along the way. I believe you don’t want that happening to your home, don’t you? Most important thing to do after a severe windstorm passes your area is to contact a trusted, LICENSED, and experienced roofing contractor. Hire them to inspect your roof and to check if there are some hidden damages present. Repairing small problems now will save you tons of money along the way.

So to conclude, if your home gets hit by gusts of high winds, make sure that you check your roof to see if there are some spots with missing roofing material or if there are some big chunks of debris present on your roof, contact your roofing contractor as soon as you can.

I will use this opportunity to say once again THANK YOU to Victor from Anchor Roofing, Inc., best roofer in Houston, TX. He taught me so much about roofing industry, and I owe him that.


Anchor Roofing, Inc.

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Houston , TX 77057

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Payment Method: All Major Credit Cards and Checks


Why having a leaky roofing system can be dangerous

Some home problems homeowners usually detect when its already too late. For example, your roof can be damaged for quite some time already, and your home might have a leak months before you see the signs of water damage inside your home. The source of the leak can be up to 20 ft further than the spot where you have noticed leak signs, and that means that detecting and finding a source of the leak is not an easy job. Trying to fight that battle alone will leave you with just more bills to pay. Hiring a professional to deal with a leak is the smartest way to go. Today we will talk about why is it dangerous to have a leaky roof over your head.


Water can and will damage your attic along with your ceiling. Water can easily damage attic insulation, roofing support structure, wiring and if the leak is big one it can even destroy your ceiling. This will leave you with dark wet spots across your ceiling, bubbling paint and it can even spread to walls.

Roofing Support Structure

We all know that wood and water don’t mix together. If you attic has a leak, the humidity will cause a roofing support structure to get infested with dry rot. Dry rot can significantly reduce the structural integrity of your roofing system as well as the structural integrity of your home.


Humidity and water spreading across your walls can become the breeding ground for mold and mildew. Mold can spread across your whole home and end up in your heating or your HVAC (air conditioning) system. Mold can seriously harm your health and living inside a home filled with mold will you with respiratory problems. Also, mold can quickly spread to your furniture, curtains, and carpets.


Attic insulation can easily get damaged by water and humidity. If you have a leak and if water is dripping all over your attic insulation, it will get destroyed, and you will be left with higher energy bills and a leaky roof.

Water, Shock and Fire Hazards

A leaking roof can allow water to travel all over your home and water often finds a way to get in contact with electrical wiring. This can generate spark, and it can quickly start a fire in your home or your attic. Pay attention to that especially if you have a metal roofing system.

Having a leaking roofing system can be dangerous. Nobody wants to deal with their roofing problems. That is often true, but sometimes you need to hire somebody else to care for your roof if you know that you can’t. Professional and licensed roofing contractor can detect a leak source and perform needed repairs to protect your home. If you notice any leak signs, please contact a professional roofing company.

Everything you need to know about roof cleaning and maintenance

Sooner or later your roofing material will get covered with dirt, grime, moss, and algae. Recently, our student housing units were in need of maintenance because most of the roofing systems were stained and covered with debris. Usually, stains caused by these things are visible and not only will it lower the curb appeal of your property but they will damage your roofing material if you don’t react on time and have them removed. You will be glad to hear that cleaning your roofing system is a DIY process which is relatively simple to carry out. In this post, we will try to give you some useful advice if you plan on cleaning your roofing system by yourself. But remember, it is always better to contact a certified roofing professional to inspect and clean your roof because there might be some damage present which you won’t notice.

Removing Debris

Pine needles, branches, sticks, and leaves will often collect on top of your roofing system mainly by wind even more if your home is close to trees. You can get rid of that debris by climbing onto your roofing system and clearing big pieces of present debris. You can do that by using your hands. Next, you can use a broom or a brush to sweep dirt and small debris. If you have a leaf blower, you can use it to remove every last debris particle, but be careful not to lose balance.

Removing Moss

Moss can cause significant problems to your whole property. If you leave it on your roofing system, you will probably end up dealing with a roof leak in no time. You can remove moss by following the next steps. First, you need to prepare basic cleaning solution made out of baking powder or soda, liquid dish detergent, ammonia or bleach and salt mixed with hot water. Saturate all areas where moss is present and leave it to soak for a couple of hours. After that, the moss will die, and the next rain will wash it down. Don’t forget to remove it from your gutters.

Removing Algae

To remove the algae growth on your roof, you can use an acidic solution such as a mixture of water and vinegar (50/50). Saturate your roofing materials where algae or black spots are present and then use a broom or a brush to clean all areas covered in stains.

What Not to Do

Just to clear things out we will mention some things which you should never do to your roofing system. A pressure washer is a big no-no when it comes to cleaning the roof. You can easily damage your roofing material by shooting pressurized water at it. Every cleaning solution you make should be tested on a tiny sample of your roofing system so you can be sure that it won’t damage your roofing material. Always use soft brushes when cleaning the roof, rugged brushes and brooms can damage your roofing material or tear off granules and remember always to start from the top, so you won’t step on a slippery surface and fall.


North Carolina is one of the most beautiful, exciting and interesting states in the US. On this new blog post we are going to present you the best 5 things to do here, so you can have an idea on all the things you can do here, so you never get bored. In fact, this state provides you with so many things that it’s almost impossible to get bored at all. But on this article we are going to talk about the top-notch options. We, InsideOurCampus.com, invite you to keep reading!

#1: Visit the Blue Ridge Parkway

If you want to keep in touch with the majestic nature present in North Carolina, then you MUST visit the Blue Ridge Parkway – you will be blown away by its beauty!

This place is simply magical, and we can dare to say that it’s one of the most beautiful attractions in the US. You just need to stay there to witness the sunset, you will be delighted by it. It seems like it had been taken from a fantasy world. You can come here with your friends and experience a very nice day, because the Blue Ridge Parkway is a beautiful example of the nature present in North Carolina.

#2: Outer Banks

If you want to see something even more surreal than our last attraction, then you need to visit Outer Banks. This place is a connection between two sides of the world, because it separates the Atlantic Ocean from the mainland. The scene shown at Outer Banks is simply magical and we can bet that you will be delighted by it.

Here you can dive or just swim. It’s one of the most popular attractions in North Carolina by the way, so don’t be surprised if you find lots of tourists around.

#3: Hatteras Island

Another interesting place to visit in North Carolina is Hatteras Island. It’s inside the Outer Banks islands group. Basically it’s a barrier island, because it divides the Atlantic Ocean and the Pamlico Sound. It’s one of the most beautiful attractions to visit in North Carolina, because it’s very exotic and you won’t find something similar in the rest of the world.

There are many tours that visit this island. So we encourage you to book one with your friends, so you can have something interesting to do in the weekend. It’s a great way to discover more about this beautiful state.

#4: Maggie Valley

If you are looking for a place where you can relax at your max, then you need to visit this town in Haywood County. Here you can enjoy of activities like trekking, golfing, etc. A great place to visit with your friends.

#5: Blowing Rock

And closing this article we have another town you must visit: Blowing Rock. If you want to explore some of the best mountains in the country, then this is the town you need to visit. Blowing Rock won’t fail to amaze you!

PHILIP URI TREISMAN, professor of mathematics and public affairs; director of the Charles A. Dana Center
[20 years at UT]


1. No matter how highly I regard my students, with proper push and support, they always surpass my expectations. Hook’em Horns!

2. Teaching is much harder than outsiders to the profession know. But on a crappy day, when nothing else works, we professors have the special privilege of being able to select a few students, engage them, and challenge them to prepare for a life worthy of their best goals and deepest values.

3. Stay in touch with your students. There is no end of pleasure in watching their careers develop and their achievements surpass our own.

4. Administration is a tough, messy and occasionally nasty business. We faculty should support — and regularly thank — our chairs, deans and senior campus leaders for their service, except, perhaps, when they seem to be taking too much pleasure in their work.

5. Too many Texans only know UT as the institution that rejected their child or relative for admission. Thus, our public service matters in generating broad public support and understanding of the important role the University plays in every Texan’s life.

MARTIN KEVORKIAN, associate professor, Department of English
[10 years at UT]


1. It’s a challenge for professors not to continue to see the world from the perspective of their own grad school experiences, and that’s one reason that teaching — of intrinsic value wherever it occurs — matters for the research mission of the University and vice versa. Tie at No. 1 with: Lists like this one pose a grave temptation to individuals with a capacity for fatuous declaration.

2. If you’re looking for parking on campus, you might want to try … wait, I’m not telling you that.

3. The shuttles and the free-with-ID access to Capital Metro almost mean that you don’t need the information that I’m withholding in item No. 2.

4. The wisdom of advising staff and course schedulers can fuel the engine of curriculum

5. The students are both bright and polite, but they walk far too slowly!

SARA SUTCLIFFE, Lecturer, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
[6 years at UT]


As I have (honestly, by accident!) been at UT as an undergrad, a graduate student and now a lecturer, these have several perspectives:

1. It’s a really great feeling when an ex-/current student sees you and says, “Hello,” when you pass them on the street.

2. You are human: You’ll make mistakes. The trick is to find them, show why/how you made them and try to fix things as soon as you can.

3. Never get a flu shot and go straight back to teaching that afternoon. (I wasn’t sick, but the side effects made for an interesting afternoon’s lecturing…)

4. UT is a huge place. It can be very lonely when you first arrive (especially if you’re from another continent!). Join some student groups (ones that will help you succeed at your academic goals as well as give some social interaction), and after a while, it’ll shrink and feel like home. Remember it will ALWAYS take you longer than you think it should to get from A to B on campus, because it usually involves going via C, D, E …

5. One of the best things about UT is the myriad of different talks, exhibits and concerts that happen. Many of them are free; just go look at all the fliers in the buildings and online and go learn about something new!

Compiled by Rosch Wadera / Our Campus staff.