Everyone wants to have a green roofing system, save money, but they think that it is a very expensive investment. But, you should know that the roof with the improving energy efficiency is not very expensive. Small improvements can make a big difference, and not only for your energy bills.


Cool roofing systems are lighter in color than the traditional ones. Traditional materials are dark, like black asphalt or wood shingles. The well-known albedo effect works by reflecting the heat and the light away and do not absorb them. With this kind of a roofing system, you can save a significant amount of money on the energy bills. You just need to lighten the color of your roofing system.


The outside temperature may be over 95 degrees, which is very hot, and the dark roof conducts a much higher temperature. Due to this, some of the rooms appear to be very hot and you have to use the air conditioner to cool down the temperature, which increases the amount of the energy bills which you need to pay.


The cool roofing system can be 50 to 60 degrees cooler than the traditional ones. This type of roof reduces the cooling load inside your home and reduces the utility cost and saves energy. A white roofing system reduces the heat effect which has the traditional, black roofing system.


The easiest thing to do is to dress your roof with a cool roof coating. This way you don’t have to buy and install a new roofing system. But, if you re-roofing, you can replace shingles or asphalt with the lighter color versions. Many products are rated due to their reflectiveness, so if you want to choose the best product, remember that the higher the number is, it is more reflective, and your roofing system will be cooler the higher the number is.


Insulation is one of the most important things when talking about saving energy in our homes. The attic is mostly the first priority. Installing a proper insulation in the attic can bring only benefits. Choosing the best insulation isn’t a very easy job, so the best would be to contact a professional who will advise you according to your roofing system. Proper installation is a must because then the great materials would be wasted.


Roofs can be very problematic. Especially the heating and the cooling. Poorly insulation requires more work from the air conditioner, in the summer, and also in the winter. And all this leads to bigger bills. Well, insulated roofing system will reduce the cooling and heating problems and needs.



Doesn’t matter if you are re-roofing or replacing the system, but it is the right time to make great things. The only problems are to choose wisely the proper material. Today, on the market you can find many materials, and you don’t know are they good or not. Everyone wants to choose a roof that lasts for a long time and improves the efficiency and comfort of your home. So, contacting a professional would help you in choosing the proper material based on the area you live, and its weather conditions. Choosing the proper material will result in 30% of lower energy bills. Every decent roofer should know to advise you, what is good for your roofing system, and what to avoid. The weather is one of the most important factors.

I want to thank Vince one the best roofing contractros from Oklahoma City for giving us some insight about this topic and how to save some money. Most of us after college will have huge student loans to pay, so any dollar we save will be put in good use.

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