Things you should know about metal roofing material before you install it on your property

If you plan on changing your roofing material with a new one, maybe you should consider metal as your next roofing solution. Every day more and more people opt for metal roofing systems in the United States. You might be asking yourself why is metal roofing system getting so popular? Well, it is getting more and more popular because it is sturdy, resilient and it can last for up to a century. So today I will talk about drawbacks and advantages of metal roofing with my friend Victor from Anchor Roofing from Houston, TX.

So what are the benefits?

Metal roofing material is far more superior than other traditional roofing materials when it comes to life cycle, weight, energy efficiency, and installation. If your metal roofing system is correctly installed, it will probably last as long as the property it protects. It can quickly shed off the water, resist the high winds, and it can stand up to snow with minimal effort. Metal is resistant to rot, insects, mildew and fire. If you are worried about the warranty, you will be glad to hear that your metal roof will come with a warranty ranging anywhere from 25 to 50 years. Because it is so light in weight, you will be able to install it on your existing roofing support structure. Metal roofing material is non-combustible, and that is why it is given the Class A fire resistance rating. As we have already said, metal roofs are excellent energy efficient roofing materials. If you decide to install one on your home, you will soon experience lower energy bills. Because of its hard and slippery surface, metal roof won’t fall victim to snow or rain.

And now for some disadvantages

Just like any other roofing material available on the market today, metal has its flaws. Don’t worry; there aren’t any huge flaws, but we will talk about some of the present disadvantages when it comes to metal in residential roofing. Let’s get the biggest out of the way – the money. Most of the homeowners stop considering metal as their roofing solution once they find out what the price tag is. We admit that it is the high initial price, but you have to think about the big picture here. You will return that money in no time since you will be saving money on your energy bills. During the hail, your roofing material can dent. Same can happen if you walk on it or if any debris hits your roof and it can be somewhat noisy. It is not that easy to install which means that you will have to hire a roofing professional with experience in installing metal roofs.

So that would be it about the advantages and disadvantages of metal roofing. As you can see, there are more advantages than disadvantages which mean that metal roofing material might be perfect roofing material for your property. And make sure that you hire best roofing contractor available.


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