Wind damage to your roofing system

A storm can pass without generating hail, snow or rain and it can still damage your property. Your roof can sustain damage even during a bright day. I’m talking about silent ”assassin”, the wind. High winds can generate massive amounts of force and pressure on when colliding with your roof and your roofing system can become weak over time. One day your roofing material will just give up and end up on the ground. How can you protect yourself from that? Well, you can protect yourself by regularly maintaining your roof and by having it inspected by a certified professional to see if there are some damaged areas on your roofing system. Roofs are designed to easily withstand average pressure and force of the wind, but what happens when your roof gets in the way of an intense, high-speed wind?

How will your roof get damaged

The Wind affects a different part of your roof in a variety of ways. For example, corners of your roofing system and edges as well will have to sustain the biggest force. Those areas are most critical during a windstorm. If your roofing material is not secured tightly, wind can lift it up, and it can lead to the domino effect. One loose shingle can cost you your whole roofing system. You can avoid this by having small repairs performed on your roof instead of waiting for the worst case scenario to happen. If the wind lifts up your roofing material, your insulation will be exposed to rain, snow, and everything coming from outside. This can lead to leaks and severe water damage to your roofing support structure and even your whole property.


Strong winds can easily pick up small debris from the ground, and it can end up being propelled at your roof at high speeds. Your roof can get covered with dust particles, dirt, leaves, branches, tree limbs, and even small rocks. Now imagine all those things hitting your roof at high speed. All of that can lead to problems. Your roofing material could easily get cracked or broken. If you leave that damage untreated up on your roof, you will have a leak on your hands after a couple of rains. Water can easily penetrate those damaged spots, and it can end up anywhere in your home destroying everything along the way. I believe you don’t want that happening to your home, don’t you? Most important thing to do after a severe windstorm passes your area is to contact a trusted, LICENSED, and experienced roofing contractor. Hire them to inspect your roof and to check if there are some hidden damages present. Repairing small problems now will save you tons of money along the way.

So to conclude, if your home gets hit by gusts of high winds, make sure that you check your roof to see if there are some spots with missing roofing material or if there are some big chunks of debris present on your roof, contact your roofing contractor as soon as you can.

I will use this opportunity to say once again THANK YOU to Victor from Anchor Roofing, Inc., best roofer in Houston, TX. He taught me so much about roofing industry, and I owe him that.


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