Why having a leaky roofing system can be dangerous

Some home problems homeowners usually detect when its already too late. For example, your roof can be damaged for quite some time already, and your home might have a leak months before you see the signs of water damage inside your home. The source of the leak can be up to 20 ft further than the spot where you have noticed leak signs, and that means that detecting and finding a source of the leak is not an easy job. Trying to fight that battle alone will leave you with just more bills to pay. Hiring a professional to deal with a leak is the smartest way to go. Today we will talk about why is it dangerous to have a leaky roof over your head.


Water can and will damage your attic along with your ceiling. Water can easily damage attic insulation, roofing support structure, wiring and if the leak is big one it can even destroy your ceiling. This will leave you with dark wet spots across your ceiling, bubbling paint and it can even spread to walls.

Roofing Support Structure

We all know that wood and water don’t mix together. If you attic has a leak, the humidity will cause a roofing support structure to get infested with dry rot. Dry rot can significantly reduce the structural integrity of your roofing system as well as the structural integrity of your home.


Humidity and water spreading across your walls can become the breeding ground for mold and mildew. Mold can spread across your whole home and end up in your heating or your HVAC (air conditioning) system. Mold can seriously harm your health and living inside a home filled with mold will you with respiratory problems. Also, mold can quickly spread to your furniture, curtains, and carpets.


Attic insulation can easily get damaged by water and humidity. If you have a leak and if water is dripping all over your attic insulation, it will get destroyed, and you will be left with higher energy bills and a leaky roof.

Water, Shock and Fire Hazards

A leaking roof can allow water to travel all over your home and water often finds a way to get in contact with electrical wiring. This can generate spark, and it can quickly start a fire in your home or your attic. Pay attention to that especially if you have a metal roofing system.

Having a leaking roofing system can be dangerous. Nobody wants to deal with their roofing problems. That is often true, but sometimes you need to hire somebody else to care for your roof if you know that you can’t. Professional and licensed roofing contractor can detect a leak source and perform needed repairs to protect your home. If you notice any leak signs, please contact a professional roofing company.

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